Why micromanagement is a big mistake

When you think of someone who is a bad manager, you will probably find that a few specific words and phrases come to mind to describe that stereotypical individual.

One of the most common is “micro-manager”.

What is a micromanager?

It is someone who feels the need to take control of every aspect of a job and will often try to wrest that control from their workers.

It is likely to be the manager who is in trouble if the team is not meeting targets.

Therefore, it makes sense for them to take control.

At the same time, they may be trying to help their staff and team by giving them lots of detailed instructions.

But the end result is a frustrated and stifled team, along with poor quality end products.

Let’s use web design as an example.

If you are a micromanagement who has commissioned a member of your team to create a website, you may be tempted to provide lots of steps and details.

You can tell them what size the logo should be, what colour it should be and where it should be positioned.

You can show them several examples of what the site should look like, and you can make strict decisions about the tools used to build it.

You may tell them that they must use a certain font, and you may send the work out several times for corrections and changes.

This is micromanagement

But it’s also a huge waste of time: all the time you spend going back and forth to your work is wasted time that could have been spent simply developing a better website.

You probably hired this person because they were good at web design, so why take control away from them? From their perspective, this is very frustrating.

Chances are that you, who are not a web designer, are providing them with a specification that they know will result in a poor quality end product.

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But what’s more, it takes away all their creative freedom and freedom of expression.

Creating a great website is creative work that someone should enjoy and be proud of.

But if all they did was follow an exact brief to the letter, with no room for improvisation, then they won’t have any of that feeling at all.

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