Which do you prefer: crochet for gifts or charity?

A great way to make gifts for your friends and family or to help your favorite charity raise funds is to practice crochet for gifts.

Crocheting involves using a hooked needle to manipulate yarn into a design based on the type of work you choose.

You can make different designs depending on how you hook the yarn and the types of fabric you choose.

Leg, arm and hand warmers: these are not just old-fashioned items from the 80’s, they are amazing and necessary items for people living in cold climates.

Plus, they make a great fashion statement.

If you are new to crochet, try making hand, arm or leg warmers first, as they are very simple to make.

Link – https://www.pinterest.com/searose2n2/crocheted-hand-arm-and-leg-warmers/?lp=true

  • Sweaters – You can crochet all kinds of sweaters: Not only do they make great gifts, but you can sell them for many times more than you spent on yarn. You can also make great quality sweaters that no one else has. Always start with easy patterns to learn the different stitches. Be sure to buy the right type of yarn so it feels good against your skin.

Link – http://www.crochetpatternsgalore.com/item_type-sweaters.html

  • Headbands – No matter what time of year: if you have hair, you may need a headband, a crocheted headband is very simple to make, and you can make them in all sorts of styles and textures, If you want something super soft, use soft yarn. You can make just what you need and want.

Link – http://www.crochetpatternsgalore.com/item_type-headbands.html

  • Boot cuffs – Want to make your old boots instantly stylish again? Create some crocheted boot cuffs. There are styles for all ages, and all of these boot cuff patterns are free and compiled by Daisy Cottage Designs. They could be a great addition to a craft show booth.

Link – http://daisycottagedesigns.net/free-boot-cuff-crochet-patterns/

  • Washcloths – There are all kinds of patterns for crochet washcloths, but these are special because they are meant for hard work since they are farmhouse style. They hold up to scrubbing and cleaning, and are simple to make.

Link – http://www.mamainastitch.com/farm-house-washcloth-crochet-pattern/

  • Slippers – Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of crocheted slippers? Everyone on your list wants a pair. There are all kinds of styles. All Free Crochet has compiled an amazing list of 14 slippers for everyone on your list.

Link – https://www.allfreecrochet.com/Socks-and-Slippers/14-Crochet-Slippers-for-Everyone

  • Accessories – There are amazing patterns to be had for free if you have even the most basic crochet skills. Bev from Flamingo Toes has gone to the trouble of compiling these 25 fabulous free crochet accessories for you, so you can make them. Any one of them will make a great gift or something to sell at a craft fair.

Link – http://www.flamingotoes.com/2014/12/25-fabulous-free-crochet-accessories/

  • For a Cause – There are patterns you can get for free that allow you to make crocheted items for a cause (and that are obvious to the cause), such as breast cancer and so on. These ten patterns can be made and sold and then the money can be donated to charity. Of course, you can sell any of the items on this list as a fundraising idea.

Link – http://www.mooglyblog.com/free-crochet-for-a-cause-patterns/

You can crochet almost anywhere, such as at home, waiting for your doctor, waiting for your kids after school and during sporting events.

This makes it a great and productive way to keep busy, There are numerous types of gifts you can make for charity, or for your friends and family, when you learn to crochet.

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