Ошибки в Twitter, которых следует избегать

We all know the benefits Twitter can give our business.

More traffic, more branding, more leads, more profits to name a few.

These are the benefits you get if you successfully tap into the power of Twitter.

Conversely, if you commit these serious Twitter offenses, the brand of your business can possibly be tarnished and you be leaving tons of money on the table.

Here’s a couple of mistakes you should avoid at all costs:


What do you think it would look like if Donald Trump blabbed on his twitter like a 14 year old teenage girl? The spells a recipe for disaster.

If you really must blab, do it on your personal twitter account.

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Following random tweeps just to get followers

By doing so not only will your tweet feed be spammed, the quality of your list goes down a notch.

Being inactive

When you stop tweeting, people will forget about you in an instant. Remember, the attention span of people are short, so make good use of it.

Taking your followers for granted

Treat your followers with respect, provide value and don’t spam the hell out of them.

As a rule of thumb, try 10 value conveying tweets before any promotional tweets.

Using generic Twitter backgrounds

Doing so just shows how mediocre you are that you can’t even afford or take the effort to create your personal business twitter background.

Bragging about your achievements

Nobody loves a bragger – Instead, focus on what value you can provide to your followers.

Expecting to be re-tweeted

Twitter is about conversations, and if you wish to be re-tweeted your best bet would be to retweet or reply other people’s tweets first.

In short, you can learn and apply these good twitter practices to build a huge online social following that is responsive and produces results.

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