Top Strategies for Getting Views on Your YouTube Channel

So you have a YouTube channel, all you need now are viewers, Use these Strategies for Getting Views on Your YouTube Channel

Sadly there isn’t a magical process where a channel is created, and suddenly it’s just gone viral, and
the entire world is watching.

There is a growth and nurturing process that you need to take your channel through and get the viewers.

Here are a few tips to help grow your subscribers.

Make your videos about a single word Your keyword is the word that people are going to search for.

For example, if you want to reach people about first aid in the home, “FirstAid” is probably the keyword you’re looking for.

Plan this in advance, incorporate it into the script, the definition and the search engine.

Get the title right YouTube is huge. It’s the second largest search engine on the internet.

You need a catchy title, but you also need a title that is descriptive, that helps viewers know what you’re about.

Help them find you. Make your titles and descriptions as informative as you can.

Rule of thumb – have great thumbnails Google as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the way that sites are ranked. YouTube has Click‐Through‐Rate (CTR) which is similar.

CTR is often determined by catchy thumbnails with easy to read text, unexpected visuals, arrows and circles over the images and eye‐catching graphics.

Keep people on your channel The more time viewers spend on your channel, the more YouTube likes it and the higher your ranking.

If viewers are getting bored and clicking away at certain areas, use YouTube cards to refer them to other videos on your channel.

That will keep the traffic on your channel longer and increase your ranking.

Optimize your playlist At the end of a video, YouTube adds a playlist, a list of URLs that they recommend for the viewer.

Some of the items on this list are on your channel; some are not.

Here’s a trick to keep them around: You know that link at the end of the video that brings the viewer to the next video? Instead of redirecting them to a single video, you can use that link to redirect them to your playlist.

That way they stay on your channel.

YouTube loves it when people interact Encourage comments and participation.

Try to respond (pleasantly) to every comment. Engage a sense of community.

If someone is looking at your video that at least indicates a shared interest in the topic.

How can you use that? Increase your subscribers by increasing the ease with which you can be found and
by instituting a shared experience.

Make viewers feel like they are a part of your channel because they are – the most important part

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