Door-to-Door Trick or Treating versus Trunk or Candies

However, in recent years some new trends have begun to develop.

One of them is the Trunk or Candies method, introduced by churches.

Traditionally, trick or treating involves going door-to-door through the neighborhood.

So, is door-to-door trick-or-treating still worth doing or should you consider trunk-or-candies this year? Below, you’ll discover the differences between the two and how to decide which one is right for you and your kids: Trick-or-Treating.

What is the trunk or the candy?

Trunk or Candies is often considered to be a safer alternative to Door-to-Door Trick or treating.

It involves setting up a car or truck in a parking lot, then going from vehicle to vehicle to receive Halloween-themed treats.

These events are usually run by groups of parents and everyone decorates their vehicles with a spooky theme.

They hand out treats as the kids go from vehicle to vehicle.

You’ll find a lot of people can get super-creative here, decorating their cars with impressive themes.

What Are the Benefits Compared to Door to Door?

While door-to-door trick or treating still remains popular, the trunk-or-treat method does have its own advantages over the traditional method.

Going door to door has always been risky for kids.

While it is thankfully rare, there have been incidents in the past where kids have been taken or placed in danger due to going to the wrong house.

So, if your kids would be going it alone, trunk or treats is generally safer.

You also know that everyone at the trunk or treat wants to partake in the event.

Not everyone loves Halloween or appreciates trick or treaters.

So, you won’t have to worry about being met with anger when you’re at a trunk-or-treat event.

Other Alternatives to Trick or Treat

Of course, there are other alternatives to Trick or treating alongside the Trunk-or-treat method.

These include hosting your own Halloween party, going trick or treating at a nursing home, or heading to a local place of worship or fire department.

You’ll find there are lots of exciting events held throughout your neighborhood.

So, if you feel like doing something a little different than trick or treating door-to-door, there are many alternatives available.

Heading to your local nursing home is a great idea if you want to give something back.

Residents can often get lonely, so having children over during this fun-filled vacation can be a treat for them as well.

Your local place of worship will also host special activities and events for children.

While door-to-door trick-or-treating remains the most fun and exciting part of Halloween, other methods have their own unique benefits.

Trunk or Candies is just one great example of how you can also choose to spend Halloween this year.

If you want to make sure your kids are safe and still want to see awesome Halloween-themed decorations, a Trunk-or-Candies event is a great idea.

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