Os 5 traços de uma mentalidade vencedora

The best way to develop a Winning Mentality is to understand and emulate the traits that a person with a winning mindset possesses.

Successful people all have similar traits that enable them to achieve their goals and never give up even when the going gets really rough.

In this article we will take a look at the 6 most common traits of people that have a winning mindset.

You can compare these traits with your own and develop and improve any that you are lacking.

Make a Start

Winners always get started. They know that time is a very precious commodity and there is no better time to start than right now.

Also they know that starting a particular project enables them to build momentum that will help them to complete the project.

People with winning mindsets do not wait around for anyone or anything to get started.

If they have an idea then they start working on it immediately.

They take small steps to get the idea started and then turn these into bigger steps as they progress.

So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the weather to change or the government to do something before you start?

Maybe you are waiting for someone else to validate your idea prior to starting? Don’t wait for any of these things – get started right now!

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You can’t do everything at once.

People with winning mindsets often have a number of ideas and things that they want to achieve.

But they know that they need to prioritize in order to use their time most efficiently.

So write down a list of things that you want to achieve and then prioritize them.

Is there something on the list that is causing a lot of stress for you? If there is then tackle this first.

Next pick something easy to work on.

The reason for choosing something easy rather than something difficult is that it will build momentum.


It is extremely easy to get distracted in today’s world.

Most people have social media accounts and their phones are constantly alerting them to an update.

People with winning mindsets focus on what needs to be done and are rarely distracted.

Distractions lead to procrastination which you need to avoid at all costs.

Some distractions are necessary.

So if you have been distracted for an important reason then you need to refocus on your task.

Any time that you lose focus just refocus again and get back into it.


Persistence means never giving up.

If your world is crumbling around you then you keep on going.

When you give up you send the wrong signals to your subconscious mind.

Keeping going in the face of adversity sends the right signals.

Work on your persistence all of the time.


When you have a great idea it is natural that you will be very excited and want to take massive action to get things going.

This is fine but at some stage you need to check that things are going in the right direction.

It is pointless to keep going down a road that leads to nowhere.

Review your progress regularly so that you can make adjustments if necessary.


Are you organized? Do you know where things are on your computer and in your home?

People with winning mindsets have high levels of organization because they know that this will save them a lot of time in the long run.

Want Do You Really Want?

People that do not have winning mindsets usually don’t know what they want.

If you ask them what they want from their life you will get a blank look and you will see their mind churning trying to provide a somewhat intelligent answer.

If you don’t know what you want then you will get what life throws at you.

Unfortunately most people live their life this way. Why do they do this?

Because it takes effort to work out what you really want.

And most people do not want to put in any effort to change their lives for the better.

People with Winning Mentality always know what they want

A person that has a winning mindset will always know what they want.

They will know where they are going to be in a year’s time, five years, ten years and so on.

Not only do they know what they really want but they have a plan to get it.

They take the time out to look at the different aspects of their lives and identify the improvements that they need to make.

This can be anything from acquiring new skills, becoming healthier, getting a better home or car or improving their relationships.

People with winning mindsets know the power of asking themselves the right questions.

They know that asking questions about their life will stimulate their subconscious minds and provide them with the answers that they need.

They use the answers that they receive to set new goals.

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You can do it too

Find a quiet place with no distractions and take a pen and paper with you.

Look at the different aspects of your life and ask yourself searching questions. You can take a look at the following areas of your life:

  • Your business or career
  • Your money
  • Your health
  • Your relationships
  • Your skills
  • Your contribution to the world

The areas of your life that you want to identify are entirely up to you.

You know yourself better than anyone else does.

Once you have identified these areas it is time to ask yourself the right questions to discover what you want.

So you could ask yourself “am I happy with my current business or career?” If the answer is “no”, then ask yourself why this is the case.

You might find that your business or career is not providing you with enough income for example.

So write down that you want to increase your income.

Go through this process for all of the different aspects of your life that you want to work on.

When looking at your health you may decide that you need to lose some weight and for your skills you may need to learn how to be a good public speaker.

It doesn’t matter – just write everything down.

Identifying what you really want

When you perform this exercise you will probably end up with a number of things that you want to do to improve your life.

People with a winning mindset know that they can’t take on too many new goals so they examine each item to see how badly they want it.

So if you wrote that you want to increase your income ask yourself how badly you want to do this.

Then imagine having achieved this already and notice how you feel about this.

Go for the things that conjure up the strongest feelings within you.

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