Recycling: ways to reuse old garbage

Everyone has old junk that they have collected over the years or passed down to them from family members who passed away.

No one wants to say they don’t want it, but don’t know what to do with it.

So, here are some ideas for reuse old garbage in creative ways.

Your grandmother’s costume jewelry

One way to use costume jewelry that you’ll never wear but has meaning to you is to turn it into a decoration.

You can use old frames, some felt or velvet on thin cardboard, then use a glue gun to glue the jewelry to the fabric in a design like a star or a tree, or even around a picture of a child.

Plastic cat treat containers

Some of these are fairly thick plastic that looks good with different colored screw on lids.

Soak the label and then you can get an old board, cover the board with tacks and then keep the beans and other items inside the container.

Just screw it on when you want the beans, rice or other item you have inside.

You can use it for decoration or you can use it for edible items that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Old wooden shutters

You can often find this kind of thing in a used store.

You can keep it in a bit of disrepair, but clean it up, then use a stencil to put a picture or words on it to turn it into a nice wall decoration.

You can also string wire or clothesline in an interesting pattern across the shutters, adhering it with a glue gun or attractive tacks.

Then, use painted clothes pins to attach family photos.

An old rickety wooden ladder

This will make a great place to hang towels or blankets for the guest room, or to use as another interesting way to display photos.

Clean it, paint it, and place it in a corner of the room for best results.

This is best for a ladder that has no rungs on the shelves but round rungs.

Another way to use a ladder like this is to turn it on its side, hang it horizontally and use it as a corner shelf.

An old suitcase

In the old days, they made suitcases out of a very sturdy material.

That’s the kind you need. Use that and some wooden shafts for legs to make a chair.

Take the suitcase apart, then open it as if you were going to pack it with the handle at the bottom.

Add a cushion like you might get to cover your dining room chairs or outdoor furniture.

The legs, of course, go on the bottom at each corner.

Old books

You can do a lot with old books you buy in bookstores if you’re not going to read them.

You can use stands or even large paint shakers painted and placed on the wall in the shape of an L.

Place the books on top of the L shape so they form a shelf.

It will work best if you nail them in place or glue them firmly in place.

Wine corks

Save all your wine corks, ask friends to save theirs and you can turn them into all sorts of beautiful works of art, from simple cork boards to beautifully painted images of animals.

It all depends on your level of creativity and skill.

Check out Karen J. Lauseng’s stunning cork art for inspiration:

The truth is, you can use your imagination to create all sorts of new things from old things if you give it some thought.

Think of items as materials instead of what they really are, and soon all your junk will become useful items and beautiful works of art.

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