What nutrients do dried fruits and fresh fruits contain?

While fresh fruits are considered the most nutritious, there is also a wealth of nutrients in dried fruits.

Here, we will look at what nutrients dried fruits contain and whether or not they match fresh fruit in terms of nutrition.

Dried fruits are high in fibre One of the main benefits of dried fruits is their high fibre content.

This really helps digestion. However, on the other hand, too much fibre can do you more harm than good.

Therefore, if you eat too much, you could end up with side effects such as bloating and cramps.

As long as you eat nuts in moderation, you can avoid consuming too much fibre.

Always make sure you read the amount of fibre in each serving and follow the guidelines to get the health benefits they provide.

They contain mostly the same levels of vitamins and minerals as fresh fruit.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, dried fruits are believed to have about the same levels as fresh fruits when compared individually.

Therefore, a dried grape would have virtually the same nutrients as a grape.

However, interestingly, when comparing cups of the same fruits, dried varieties can be shown to have more nutrients and vitamins than fresh varieties.

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This only applies to certain nutrients such as copper, fibre and potassium.

In terms of vitamin C, fresh fruits contain more, as the vitamin is degraded when heated.

Lacking vitamin C and thiamine Following on from the above, it is not just vitamin C that dried fruits lack.

They may also contain lower levels of thiamine.

Also known as vitamin B1, thiamine is used by the body to convert carbohydrates into energy.

Both vitamin C and thiamine can be reduced or destroyed by the heating process used to create nuts.

Therefore, if you are looking to increase your intake of these particular vitamins, you will want to stick to fresh fruits instead.

Beware of sugar content

Dried fruits are packed with nutrients, while you can find sugar-free versions, most dried fruits are high in sugar.

This means they should be consumed in moderation to be healthy.

In comparison, fresh fruits contain natural sugars, but their levels are much lower than those of dried fruits.

Therefore, for health reasons, you should be careful with dried fruits, especially if you are diabetic.

So, in terms of whether dried or fresh fruits are healthier, fresh fruits tend to provide the most health benefits.

However, that said, there are some varieties of dried fruits that provide more nutrients than their fresh counterparts.

Ideally, you will consume a mix of fresh and dried fruits to receive the most health benefits.

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