Avoid these podcast mistakes at all costs

Podcasts are on the rise and a number of marketers have started creating podcasts, but there are a number of common mistakes they are making that affect the quality of the recording, the content they are discussing and the number of listeners they have.

Here we’ll talk about the most common podcast mistakes.

Podcasting too general

Some podcasters are not specific with the topics they discuss in their podcasts.

This doesn’t provide much value to listeners looking for answers to specific questions in a niche.

If you simply create a general ramble about anything and everything, you won’t attract many listeners or retain them.

You must choose a specific niche and discuss a specific topic in that niche for each podcast.

Don’t be afraid to be specific: this is what your audience wants and they will thank you for it by coming back to your next podcast and spreading the word for you.

Not looking into the microphone

This is another common problem.

You’re listening to a podcast and suddenly the volume of the speech drops and then comes back.

What this usually means is that the person broadcasting the podcast is not speaking directly into the microphone when the volume drops.

They have turned their head back for some reason and haven’t realised that this has affected the recording.

Place the script in a position where you don’t have to turn your head to read it.

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Many mistakes in recordings

Nothing will irritate your listeners more than a lot of mistakes in your podcasts.

This can be anything from coughing and sneezing to heavy breathing and distracting background noises.

There really is no excuse for this.

When you have finished recording your podcast, you should listen to it carefully from start to finish.

You may think it came out perfectly, but it probably did not.

Not many podcasters enjoy editing their recordings, but you should do it to provide the best podcasting experience for your listeners.


There are many hikers who think it’s OK to record their ramblings and turn them into podcasts.

Experts on their subjects think they can just sit in front of the microphone and deliver a perfect podcast by winging it.

This rarely works well and when it turns into rambling you start to lose your audience.

The best way to avoid rambling is to create a script.

This can be a full script or a script that contains the important points you want to cover.

Make your podcasts accurate and easy to listen to.

Echoes with interviews

Interviews conducted via Skype or some other online calling application can often have an annoying echo.

This is usually because you have listened to the caller using your computer speakers instead of headphones.

Use headphones for all your podcast recording work.

Don’t post key interviews online that sound crazy.

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