How to work a room

When you attend any event, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, one way to make a good impression is to learn how to work a room.

If you go in with a plan of action, you can be the star of the event.

Choose the right events: know why you want to attend events.

If you want to take on your competition, choose industry events; if you want to meet your ideal client, choose events that appeal to them.

You can find local events through Facebook groups, but also through sites like

Also, do a Google search for information on local events in your area.

Know how to introduce yourself: develop a few different ways to introduce yourself so that you are memorable.

For example, if your name rhymes with something, you can use that to your advantage, especially if it’s a word related to your niche.

You can also think of ways to insert your introduction into various conversations that are common at events.

You want it to be natural but memorable.

Study your audience: you can do this a bit before you show up by consulting the membership directory of some types of groups, but you can also do it on the fly while you’re at the event.

Take the time to listen to the audience during socializing so you can get to know them.

If it’s a longer networking event, use the first day to listen, then the second day to get to know people more, and the third day to get to know you.

Know the layout of the venue: if the event is at a hotel and offers separate drinks or socializing areas, check out the different places where people congregate.

Know where the restroom and other key locations are so that, if someone asks, you can tell them. But also, so you can move around the room without getting lost.

Learn names and faces: some people are very good at remembering names and faces, others are not.

Sometimes it’s not your fault if you can’t remember faces well, but you can train yourself to do better.

Try to connect their face and name with their business in your mind with word games.

Repeat their name when you meet them and try to introduce them to at least one other person which will help you remember more.

Move around the room: don’t stay with the same crowd for the entire event.

You want to try to talk to a few people.

In fact, set a goal of how many people you want to talk to at any event you go to.

It may be tempting to stick with the people you already know, but you should work the room by moving through it and meeting new people.

Show interest in others: it’s funny how self-centered most of us are.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s human nature.

But you can use that to your advantage by asking people the right questions about themselves and their business.

Let them do most of the talking.

People who can talk to you will remember you more than if it were you doing the talking.

Dress and smile: it’s hard to remember that first impressions play an important role.

You should be yourself, of course.

Dress with your truth and your style, not someone else’s.

But you do want to look approachable, so watch how you rest your face.

Some people look mean when they don’t smile and others look good.

Ask for help and critiques from your friends so you know how others see you.

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Follow up: after the event, You can follow up with anyone you have talked to for a few minutes if you have their information.

Don’t try to sell them something right away, but follow up with any information you have promised them or make contacts that you know would be great for them.

Do something nice that goes a little out of your way for the people you really want to impress.

Networking events can help boost your business exponentially, but only if you learn how to make a good impression.

It may take a little practice, but you can learn how to do it.

You may not realize it, but you can probably find at least one networking event per week to attend in and near your local area that fits your criteria.

Try to attend a lot of events at first so you get plenty of practice, then limit it to events that your ideal clients attend.

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