Como usar o Twitter de forma eficaz para comercializar seus negócios

Twitter Effectively has taken the world by storm and is the largest micro blogging platform in the universe!

It is a powerful social media tool for staying connected with your prospects and customers because people can get the latest updates or “tweets” from anywhere in the world at any time.

Here’s some cool strategies for effectively marketing your business on twitter:

Conversational tweets

Talking to your customers show that you are sincere and wish to help them genuinely solve their problems.

Share valuable information with your niche

Often times you will come across good content that would be a good time for you to share with your audience. Everyone loves good old free content.

Promotional tweets

You can lead your prospects to potential solutions to their problems by promoting stuff of interest to them.

Keep track of the conversation

There are certain twitter tools that tell you when people are talking about you such as tweet deck.

When you start to keep track of the conversation, you can start talking to your customers and fill their needs or find ideas for new products.

Hold competitions

Use twitter to engage your followers to partake in competitions or twitter competitions to build massive hype about your business.

Fazer perguntas

Twitter can be also a free survey tool for you to find out more stuff about your target audience such as their needs and problems.

In short, twitter isn’t about selling but it’s more to getting to know your customers at a more personal level as well as developing trust and goodwill among your followers.

Once your customers start to know you well and trust you more, they will be more responsive to your offers.

Always think of the long term over the short term.

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How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Twitter

With the highly competitive situation of the world today, it’s getting harder and harder to reach out to a wider target audience.

But today, we have a bunch of cool new tools – Social media tools such as Twitter! Twitter is a micro blogging platform which has capacity to help businesses grow wide through viral traffic or word of mouth because of its fast information sharing capacity.

Here are some simple strategies for growing your business virally using twitter:

There are a lot to do with the type of people you follow and the kind of members following you.

Search and follow people who share similar interests with you. Guess what? Twitter allows you to use keywords to search for a certain kind of people that you can add to your friend list.

The more active the person is on twitter, the better

If you have a list of selected friends, you can check their followers and follow them for your viral marketing purpose. If you have a huge list, but they are not active, the contact list is of no use if you don’t have relationship with them on a regular basis.

One way is to tweet frequently to get in touch with your followers and people you follow.

Add links to your blogs and website to let site visitors know more about you.

Remember to provide value

If you are using this viral marketing tool for your business, provide informative content and complement others for their insightful tweets to make your appearance more visible.

Start conversations and stay connected

This is the way to make sure your business lingers in their memories for a longer time.

Tweet about subjects related to your niche or target market.

Then, invite people to join the discussion about your business and try to know what others expect from the service that you provide.

Follow these tips, and you’ll get a ton of new “follows” due to the viral results of your efforts.

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