🎙How To Promote Your Podcasts

In this article we will provide you with some great ways to Promote Your Podcasts.

If you really want to succeed with podcasting then you need to spend the majority of your time on promotion.

Yes you need to spend time creating high value podcasts that your listeners will love.

But if you don’t Promote Your Podcasts then you will only ever have a small listener base.

We recommend that you spend around 30% of your time on podcast creation and the other 70% on promotion.

You can never have enough listeners so this is something that you need to work at all of the time.

Upload to the Podcast Directories

There are many podcast directories where potential listeners hang out looking for new content.

The most popular by far is iTunes which accounts for around 70% of podcast listeners according to a major survey.

So you should Promote Your Podcasts by uploading it to iTunes.

There are other popular podcast directories such as Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and SoundCloud.

Upload your podcasts to all of these. Spend time finding other podcast directories by searching on Google.

Invite Guests and Leverage their Following

Identify guests that can add value to your podcasts and invite them for interviews.

Some of these people have large followings and you can ask your guests to promote the joint podcast show you have created.

If you create a good podcast with your guest then some of their followers will want to listen to more of your podcasts.

Influencer marketing can really work well for podcast promotion.

Find influencers on social media and ask them to make a guest appearance in exchange for recommending your podcasts.

Use Social Media for Podcast Promotion

Whatever you think of social media it is a great way to get the word out about your podcasts.

If you have your own social media accounts then make a post about each of your podcasts and encourage your family and friends to listen to them and leave you good reviews.

If your social media following is fairly small then you can run a Facebook contest for example to gain more followers and promote your podcast.

People love getting things for nothing and the chance to win something valuable.

Identify the social media channels that best match your target audience.

Instagram and Snapchat are for younger audiences whereas Facebook and Twitter tend to appeal to older audiences.

If you are in a B2B niche and want to get the attention of businesses then you must use LinkedIn to promote your podcast.

Create Professional Cover Art for your Brand

We recommend that you create some stunning and appealing cover art for your podcast.

You can use this on the podcasting directories and also on your other channels such as your website or blog and social media.

If you are not an expert with Photoshop then head over to Fiverr.com and pay someone with the talent a few bucks to create the cover art for you.

With high quality cover art you will create a good impression for your podcast.

Get a lot of Positive Reviews

These days reviews guide people to take action or not.

If you have no reviews for your podcast then this will put off a lot of potential listeners.

When you first start out ask your family and friends to leave you a positive review on the different podcast directories.

Ask your listeners to leave you a review in all of your podcasts.

🎙How To Come Up With Good Ideas For Your Next Podcast

If you want to maintain and grow your podcast listener base then you need to provide them with fresh content on a consistent basis.

But sometimes coming up with new ideas for your next podcast can be a real challenge.

You experience the “writer’s block” syndrome and cannot think of anything.

Here is what you need to do.

✔ Ask your Listeners what they want next

This is a simple concept that is often overlooked.

If you want to know what your listeners want from your next podcasts then ask them.

Ask them in your podcasts and on the platforms that you engage on such as your website and social media.

When you do this you need to be specific with the question that you ask.

For example if you have a podcast about online marketing you could ask your listeners “what is your biggest problem with traffic generation?” This is much better than just asking “what do you want me to discuss next?”

Learn to give correct instructions

✔ Find out what Problems your Listeners have

You should know your listeners or target audience very well.

What kind of problems do they have? What is stopping them from achieving their goals? What are they fearful of? There are a number of different ways that you can answer these questions and create new podcasts around this.

One of the easiest and most effective methods to find answers and future podcast titles is to use Google.

Just type in some relevant keywords and make a note of what comes back.

For example for online marketing you might uncover “how can I control my spending with PPC ads?” or “which sales funnel software is the best?”


✔ Amazon Books Keyword Research

Amazon is a great place to find inspiration for future podcasts.

Just enter some keywords relevant to your niche and you should see a number of book titles returned.

You can get some good ideas from the book titles alone but we recommend that you dig a bit deeper.

Take a look at some of the reviews left by people that purchased the books.

Quite often customers will let the author know that they particularly liked the way that they tackled a particular subject.

You can then use this as inspiration for your next podcast.

✔ Keep in touch with your Industry

Your listeners are expecting you to be an expert in your chosen niche.

It is important that you keep up to date with what is happening in your industry and changes or proposed changes can be great for the content of a podcast.

Use Google Alerts to be notified of new content published in your niche.

Join forums related to your niche.

Do whatever you can to stay on top of what is happening.

If you are in a niche where there is always a lot of change e.g. computing then focus in on a specific area for a month or so.

✔ What have you done before?

You can look back at previous podcasts that you have created or articles that you have written and use this for a new podcast.

Let’s say that you created a popular podcast on SEO a few months ago. Well listen to that again and create an SEO Part 2 podcast.

If you have a blog then go back through your blog posts and see if you can rework any of them to create a new podcast.

Usually there is always a way to expand on a topic that you have discussed previously.

✔ The Reasons Why Podcasting Is Better Than Blogging

People have been creating blogs and podcasts for a number of years.

In recent years the number of people listening to and downloading podcasts has grown significantly.

There are a number of reasons for this increase in growth and in this article we will explain why podcasting is now a better option for you as an online marketer than blogging.

✔ You will develop Trust faster through Podcasting

A blog can feel very impersonal sometimes but a podcast always creates a feeling of closeness and intimacy.

With a podcast the listener is hearing a real person give their opinions on a subject and this will always create a better connection than a blog post will.

Everyone want to feel a strong connection and podcasts do that better than blogs will ever be able to do.

✔ People can do other things while consuming Podcasts

You can be anywhere and doing anything and still listen to a podcast.

If you are driving your car then you can listen to a podcast.

You can take your smartphone to the gym and workout while listening to your favorite podcasts.

Just download your podcasts and add them to your smartphone and you are good to go.

No need to for an Internet connection.

✔ You can let your Personality shine through

There are ways that you can give away elements of your personality using a blog but there is nothing like using your voice to show it.

You are totally passionate about the subject of your podcast and the listeners will easily detect this in your voice.

Just act natural when you are recording your podcasts and your listeners will really appreciate that.

✔ Turn your Podcasts into other Content

Once you have created a podcast it is easy for you to convert it into other media types.

For example you can use a transcription service or a tool that converts voice to text so that you can create text based content.

Even though your podcasts are audio files you can convert them into video files and publish them on YouTube to reach more people.

✔ People find it easier to listen to Podcasts

All you need to listen to a podcast is a device that will play MP3 files.

Most mobile phones and tablets have this capability and modern cars now have MP3 players.

To read blog posts you will need to concentrate on a mobile device screen or a computer screen which isn’t always convenient.

✔ You can create and market Podcasts easily

Like the best blog posts, the best podcasts require organization and planning.

But often it can take a lot less time and effort to create a high value podcast than it does a lengthy and detailed blog post.

While it may take you a number of hours to plan and write a lengthy blog post you can plan for and record a podcast in a lot less time.

✔ Expert Interviews are much easier

You can easily expand your podcasting network by interviewing experts in your niche.

All you need to do is to prepare and agree a list of questions and then schedule a call using a tool like Skype and record the conversation.

To write a blog post about an interview requires far more time and effort.

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