How to earn the respect of a team

Think back to your school days and try to remember the different types of teachers you dealt with.

Chances are you had teachers who were able to earn the respect of your classes and were liked by everyone.

When they asked the room to be quiet, they usually calmed down quickly!

But then there were the teachers who had no knowledge of the class at all, who were teased and bullied by the class and who could not control their behaviour.

And the same goes for managers, parents and all kinds of leaders.

So how can you earn the respect of your team and avoid becoming an ineffective leader like the last example?

I don’t want it too much

One of the worst things any leader can do is to appear desperate for their team to like and respect them.

That’s why the “buddy buddy” approach never works.

If all you do is try to please your team, if you try to make them laugh and if you give in to their every command and request, you will eventually find that you completely lose the respect of your team and they end up taking advantage of you.

Don’t try to be cool or liked, just try to do what’s best for your team.

Control your emotion

Another easy way to lose the respect of your team is to lose your cool.

The teachers who were most effective at controlling the class were not the ones who yelled the loudest, but the ones who were able to remain calm and composed.

If you seemingly explode every time something goes wrong, then you will become a target for your team to try to incite. But if you can remain calm and in control, you will earn their respect.

Do your best for them

Ultimately, the best manager or leader is the one who sacrifices and puts their team first.

That means criticising superiors when things go wrong, and it means trying to guide and nurture the team so they can do their best work.

If you do this, your staff will pick up on that vibe.

This will ensure that everything you do is seen through that lens, which will ensure that you earn their appreciation and therefore their respect.

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