Green Scrapbooking Tips

Green Scrapbooking is a fun way to capture a memory or two, but it can add unnecessary waste to the environment.

While you’ll enjoy scrapbooking, chances are it won’t be passed down for more than a generation before it ends up in a landfill.

Use what you have: You probably already have a lot of things you bought in the past that you can use for scrapbooking.

Look in your closets, attic and that junk drawer (or cabinet) for little things you can use to make your scrapbooks more interesting.

Buy used items: If you need to buy things, always look for used items.

Go to thrift stores, garage sales and don’t forget to check online buying/selling groups for bargains.

You never know what you will find if you are creative and let your imagination run wild.

Use old books: if you have an old book that no one will read anymore, you can use it as a base for your scrapbook by covering it with old wallpaper and then placing your images and embellishments on each page.

Use packing materials: everything you buy has packing materials, and even if you don’t buy new things, your friends and family do.

Tell them you want some of the packing materials. You can use cardboard as a base.

Use old Christmas cards: if your friends and family send you cards during any time of the year, you can use them as part of your scrapbook by cutting out the pictures and words you like and gluing them into your scrapbook.

Use CDs and DVDs: these can be wonderful materials for your scrapbook. You can cut them up, melt them down and use them in many ways in your scrapbook.

Try using old picture frames: you can often find old picture frames at thrift stores that will make great frames for your scrapbook images. Just take them apart and glue them to paper.

Use old costume jewelry for accents: everyone’s grandmother left them costume jewelry that they don’t wear.

But you can use it as accents for your scrapbooks to make them beautiful.

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Buy used fabric – Fabric is also good for scrapbooking.

You can use it to cover old books and use it as a base for your scrapbooking and more.

Most thrift stores have some type of fabric scraps, ribbons and more that will work.

Keep it organized: the more organized you are with your materials, the more likely you are to use it all properly.

It will be easy to find so you won’t waste it.

Being an eco-friendly scrapbook editor can make it more challenging, but it’s so easy to do now that there are online buying/selling groups, thrift stores and ways to get used and inexpensive items to make your scrapbooking more interesting.

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