Uzyskiwanie najlepszych recenzji dla produktów Amazon

Depending on the nature of your industry, a Best Reviews can even make or break your business success.

A perfect example of this is the mobile app industry.

If you release an app and the first 10 reviews leave a 1 star rating, then you can all but guarantee your sales are going to slow down or even completely halt.

The same is of course true for Amazon sellers, and it only takes a few Best Reviews – which are displayed right in the search results – to ensure that people choose a different product over yours.

So, what do you do? Providing the very best product and service you can is one important step but these additional tips can also help a great deal…

Offer a Freebie

One way you can avoid negative Best Reviews is to offer a free sample of whatever it is you’re selling.

That could mean standing outside your restaurant with tasters, or if could mean having a free ‘trial version’ of your app.

This isn’t just good marketing – it also works to actively turn away the kinds of customers you don’t want.

Of course, this will cost you money as an Amazon seller and it only works if your product is inexpensive (ideally something people order in bulk).

While it might hurt you upfront, it can pay off big time in the long run – it’s called a “loss leader.”

Give away one of your amazing razors from your website, then link your lucky recipients to your Amazon listing.

In turn, this will then help you to make sure that the vast majority of your Best Reviews are positive.

Why? Because anyone who tries your freebie and doesn’t like it, won’t become a customer.

The only people entitled to leave a Best Review are people who paid for your services and if they have all previously tried whatever it is you’re offering, then you know that in theory they should at least be impressed.

Meaning positive Best Reviews only!

Over Deliver

Another strategy is to over deliver on your promise by pleasantly surprising your customers.

You can do this in any number of ways.

One obvious strategy is to deliver a parcel faster than you say you will, another is to include a free gift.

Otherwise you can just make sure that aspects of their experience are better than they would have predicted.

Either way, people will be so pleasantly surprised at getting something ‘extra’ that they will be almost guaranteed to leave a positive review.


Top Challenges Faced by Resellers, Solved by Amazon FBA

Being a reseller and selling products from your front room is a highly entrepreneurial endeavor, and one that can certainly be successful.

BUT it also comes with a lot of drawbacks and limitations. That’s why more and more sellers are moving to Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon).

Here are just some of the problems that this will solve for you.

Storage One challenge for many front-room businesses is storage.

If you are selling something relatively small and only putting in small bulk orders, then perhaps this won’t be an issue.

But if you hope to grow your business to sell to hundreds of people daily, then you will start to run out of space fast.

That leaves you with two options: invest in an expensive warehouse, or use Amazon FBA.


The other big bottleneck for a small home business trying to grow is delivery.

Even when you have roped your partner, kids, Mum and Dad, and neighbor into packaging and sending your items, this still limits the number you can shift in a day.

More to the point, this is soul-crushing work. Didn’t you start running a business so that you could enjoy what you do? Is this what you envisioned?

What’s more, is that Amazon FBA provides your buyers with the benefits of Amazon Prime – giving them an incredible experience every time.


Then there’s the issue of how to deal with returns, with damaged goods, with missing deliveries… all these things significantly add to the challenge and can certainly eat into your profits.

Too many businesses will forget this: they will calculate their profits based on COGs, keystone pricing, and other clever sounding strategies. But they forget that sometimes people return orders.

For particular industries – the clothing industry in particular – this can often be crippling.

Marketing and Promotion

And after ALL of this, you are still going to need to handle marketing and promotion.

You could be giving away blocks of gold, but if you don’t tell anyone that this is what you are doing, then you won’t manage to shift any units!

While Amazon doesn’t quite solve this problem, what it does do is to put your products onto the world’s biggest distribution platform.

That counts for a lot!

This is why so many people avoid the reseller business, even though it might be an appealing and straightforward model on the face of it.

With Amazon FBA, many of these issues are solved. All that is left then, is to choose an amazing product and to market the heck out of it!

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