What Equipment You Must Have to Start a YouTube Channel

What Equipment You Must Have to Start a YouTube Channel, you obviously need to spend thousands on camera equipment, editing equipment, sound, mics, special effects and a whole lot of other stuff.

Don’t you?

It turns out, you don’t. A fortune is not required to get started on YouTube.

After all, this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster you’re creating.

Here’s a simple checklist to get started.

Camera Don’t panic, You’re not looking at a TV studio camera on rollers and high feed and thousands of dollars – you really don’t even need one of those $800.00 SLR reflex/steady shot/don’t‐need‐a‐cameraman cameras either.

A simple webcam will work just fine, and they’re less than $100.00 and keep getting cheaper every day.

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If you don’t have the outlay for that, believe it or not, you don’t need it.

Seriously, just use your smartphone.

If you get good at this and you start to love the process, put some money into it later. But for now, use what you’ve got.

Tripod You don’t need to spend a fortune on this either.

Large tripods can run into some money, but the kind that sits on a tabletop comes cheap.

That’s really all you need. But you will need it, especially if you’re using a cell phone.

Microphone Keep in mind, the microphone in your cell phone is not adequate.

Microphones are a lower priority because they’re made for the phone, meaning that the source of the sound (your mouth) is only a few millimeters away.

Want a pro tip? Get an external mic.

Record the audio separate from the video and mix it later.

Green Screen You can do the fancy Hollywood backgrounds, changing your bedroom wall to an exotic tropical island, superimposing images on the background.

There are greenscreen kits, but here’s another tip: Use a green sheet.

Or, if you don’t have one, use a white sheet and dye it green.

Screen capture software If you’re doing a tutorial on working with MS PowerPoint or Adobe whatever, you’re going to need to show your audience what you’re talking about.

That means capturing the action on your computer to play on the video.

This also goes for video game walkthroughs.

This is all you need to start.

If you get into the flow and really love it, add on more and more equipment as you can.

You can always add on to existing equipment later, but if you wait until everything is “just right” you will never begin.

Create your own at home studio and play with it.

Most computers come with video editing software built in; some smartphones do too.

You probably already have what you need to get started.

And most of all have fun!

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