Korzyści dla środowiska wynikające z jazdy rowerem

Cycling has numerous environmental benefits.

Among them, lowering blood pressure, maintaining weight, and overall much better health.

But there is another way that cycling is good for you and that is the way that it is good for the environment.

The environmental benefits of cycling include all of the following and probably more.

* Reduce car revisions – Even if you don’t get rid of your car, you can reduce revisions by cycling when you can instead of driving.

The fewer times you change the oil, fill the tank and drive your car, the less pollution you will cause.

* Reduces waste from car parts – All cars have to be built and this requires materials, water and other resources.

If you cycle instead of driving all the time, you can avoid buying a car, which means that one less car is produced that causes pollution and waste.

* Reduce the use of roads – Vehicles wear out roads, which are also made from fossil fuel products.

This wear and tear ends up in the environment and the air people breathe, and it also ends up in the water.

* Reduce carbon emissions – Getting rid of a car off the road can reduce air pollution by 1.3 billion cubic meters.

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Plus, there will be less brake debris, worn roads, or tire particles in the air, which can be up to 40 pounds a year per vehicle when you factor in how much the average person drives.

* Uses less fuel – This is obvious, but the average car owner uses almost 700 gallons of fuel a year.

If you cycle instead of driving a car, this is a substantial amount of pollution that can be easily avoided. More than half of the oil turns into gasoline.

* No more batteries – Although we want to think that electric cars are environmentally friendly, and although they are slightly better than gasoline vehicles, there is still the problem of battery contamination.

In fact, your electric battery is only as clean as the energy used to charge it.

* No more motor oil – The problem is that any type of oil is toxic to life.

Used motor oil is the main pollution you’ll find in lakes, streams, and rivers.

Each car consumes, just for the lubricating oil, in a single oil change enough to contaminate up to a million gallons of fresh water.

Motor oil degrades slowly; it sticks to everything, and is one of the main sources of water pollution today.

If you really want to clean the environment, do what you can to ride a bike and use less petroleum products.

Cycling will do double duty by making you and the environment healthier.

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