The Link Between Healthy Emotions and a Strong Psychology

Research has demonstrated an obvious correlation between good Emotions and a Strong Psychology.

The mind-body relationship is becoming clearer thanks to the advent of modern science.

Likewise, the link between our thoughts and our Emotions and a Strong Psychology are also becoming better known.

The Circle

Our thoughts and our emotions both form a circle reinforcing the other.

Negative thoughts will generate emotions of a similar nature and these emotions will then result in more negative thoughts.

This forms a vicious pattern that is most clearly observed in patients suffering from PTSD and other traumas.

It is very difficult for these people to break free, and the events keep recurring in their minds.

Over time, such patients heal to an extent.

Calming therapeutic modalities work over time to gently alleviate these traumas.

However, modern society is anything but therapeutic.

On the other hand, healthy emotions are linked with successful and a powerful psychology.

People who are happier have more success and better interpersonal relationships.

They have better concentration, memory, and social skills.

It is far easier to be successful when you have a positive emotional framework as a foundation than to be struggling internally.

How to Manage The Relationship

Everybody is in a situation where they need to better manage their thoughts and emotions.

It takes some time, but there are proven ways to reinforce the strengths of our thoughts and emotions, These include:

  1. Meditation
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Deep Communication
  4. Creative Work

Meditation and mindfulness are practices where we simply observe what is happening in our minds.

This is very beneficial in a world that is so externally orientated.

We can observe how we feel and how these thoughts stimulate certain emotions.

Over time, we can catch the negative thoughts before they gain too much momentum and ruin the whole day.

Deep communication is another technique where we work with a therapist or practitioner to document and analyze our own patterns for further insights.

Creative work is about self-expression.

An intense dedication to creative work is an excellent way to remove any negative tendencies.

What can happen is that we are so focused on artistic inventions that we are not focusing any of our energies on the things that make us weak.

This works far more quickly than meditation and mindfulness if we can find something that we are truly passionate about.

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