Don’t make these mistakes with your youtube channel

When starting your new YouTube channel, you probably already have an idea of the few things you need to do to be successful.

However, as essential as it is to know what to do, it’s equally important to know what mistakes to avoid.

Here are four mistakes to avoid when starting your YouTube channel.

Avoiding your audience

Your audience is the only reason you have a YouTube channel in the first place.

Without them, you will never find success.

If your audience is asking you questions or leaving you comments in the comments section of your videos, then you should respond to them as often as possible.

You should make sure you respond with thoughtful answers that fit the question being asked.

The more you interact with your viewers, the more connected they will feel to your business.

Not optimising your video titles

Google acquired YouTube in 2006, so it makes perfect sense for both search engines to use titles in their search algorithms.

If you don’t include relevant keywords in both the title and description of your video, your audience won’t be able to find you in the search results.

You should be sure to create unique and engaging titles that incorporate relevant keywords so that your videos can appear higher in the search rankings.

Failing to bookmark your YouTube content

If you fail to bookmark your videos, it will be much harder for your viewers to recognise the videos you have produced.

Properly branding your YouTube videos is relatively easy and incredibly useful.

You can do this by adding a branded intro to your video, displaying your brand in the background of the video or showcasing your merchandise.

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Not customising your thumbnails

YouTube allows you to choose any thumbnail you want for your videos, which is what will appear next to your video title in search results.

If you do not choose your own thumbnail image, YouTube will assign you a random thumbnail.

To best engage your viewers, you should be sure to add your own custom image that best represents each specific video you produce.

When you’re building your YouTube channel, here are four things to avoid.

Keep these in mind and you’ll be well on your way to growing a successful YouTube channel for your business.

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