Create better original products for Amazon FBA

Amazon doesn’t just want to resell original products, but it can also be a great opportunity to sell your own products.

And it’s very easy: you just have to contact a manufacturer of another large company, and that sells something similar, you just have to socialize the necessary adjustments with them.

Watch! If you come up with an idea for a product, you can turn it into an “inventor”.

If you now intend to turn this idea into a business, chances are that you will also be an “entrepreneur”.

Indeed, for this project to be successful, you have to wear many hats and there are many skills to learn, but the hats that are often forgotten and not necessarily natural are also one of the most important hats.

You must also be a “designer”.

Ideas are not products

Strange as it may sound, if you are a person who tends to focus on creating and selling products, it is often easy to forget the design phase altogether.

To solve the problem, you probably have an idea for the product (called the “stress point”).

From this perspective, it may be easy to choose the colour and size according to your wishes.

Even those who take design seriously and spend time thinking about it often handle it incorrectly, from a purely aesthetic rather than a functional point of view.

Good design must be woven into the fabric of the product.

Great design focuses not only on appearance, but also on the consumer’s experience when using your product.

Is it eye-catching enough to sell? Is it designed to fit the buyer’s lifestyle? Is it designed to be intuitive and easy to use and enjoyable to operate? 

Let’s look at the iPod.

The idea and the product here is simple: create a small MP3 player that can hold 100 songs.

This is the specification Jobs gave his team, and it’s a relatively simple specification; in fact, there are already many advanced MP3 players on the market.

What made the iPod outstanding at the time was its excellent design.

Faster and more intuitive.

No need to do it yourself, this is where the manufacturer comes in handy.

These include white earphones that make the product instantly recognisable and satisfying, but they also include the “scroll wheel” which is definitely a master of design: the scroll wheel allows users to quickly scroll through a hundred songs in a few seconds, faster than any button.

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