7 Benefícios de se tornar um nômade digital

Ever thought of becoming a digital nomad? This is someone who works online, which thereby gives them the freedom to travel the world and work from anywhere they choose – whether that’s a coffee shop or a bar on the beach.

If you’re still undecided though, then hopefully these 7 benefits will help you to make your mind up and take the plunge!

You get to see the world

This is the biggest and most obvious benefit of being a digital nomad – you get to travel and to see the world.

There’s so much out there that’s incredible to see, so why would you confine yourself to one town or one country?

You become more worldly

When you travel, you become a better person.

Travel opens your mind to the world outside your door and that helps you to know your place that much better.

People will also be impressed by your cultural knowledge and your general experience!

You become emboldened

You also learn a lot when traveling – and specifically, you learn to be more courageous and more independent.

This will improve every aspect of your life when you return!

You get to sample true freedom

We were born to be free and yet many of us feel trapped by our responsibilities.

Imagine what it feels like to genuinely be able to go anywhere you choose… Isn’t this something that you should at least experience?

People will be impressed

Look, we shouldn’t do things just to impress other people.

But the reaction you’ll get as a digital nomad is incredible.

People love hearing that you have taken the initiative to not only start your own business but also to take it on the road and see the world at the same time.

It’s inspiring and the sense of pride that comes from that is well-deserved and a great feeling!

You meet incredible people

When you travel, there is an incredible sense of camaraderie and you’ll find that you meet some amazing people and make life-long friends.

It’s an amazing feeling and definitely worth the trip!

You’ll have the best profile photos…

Okay, so this shouldn’t be a primary motivation for going.

But it sure is a cool bonus! Be prepared for your Facebook to be full of pure awesome.

And you’ll have plenty of amazing photos to look back on too…

A ligação entre as emoções saudáveis e uma psicologia forte

How to Prepare for a Life on the Road

Are you about to take the leap to become a digital nomad? Then congratulations are in order! This is one of the bravest, most exciting and most rewarding decisions you can ever make and will help you to enjoy a huge amount of freedom and success that most people never get to taste.

But it’s also going to be a challenge.

You will be living without access to the creature comforts to which you have become accustomed.

You will be working without an office.

And you will be far away from your loved ones.

So how do you prepare for life on the road? Here are some top tips…

✔ Practice

Here’s a tip you don’t hear often: practice!

Once you’re out there in the middle of Thailand, it will be a little bit late to decide that your business model doesn’t work, or that you don’t like being away from home!

So instead, a tip is to go on a shorter trip first and use this as an opportunity to test how well you can adapt.

Or alternatively, why not try working out of cafes for a while first?

✔ Invest in the Right Gear

There’s a lot of gear that will help you as a digital nomad. From a microfiber towel that will fold easily into a bag and dry instantly, to power bricks and portable keyboards.

Get all of your gear ready before you travel and this will help you a great deal.

✔ Get Everything in Order

You’re leaving the country partly to get away from all the admin that comes with modern life.

But before you go, you’re going to have to do just a little bit more to get your affairs in order.

That means thinking about who will look after your home when you’re not there.

Is someone willing to come and look after your post?

It also means thinking about travel insurance. It means getting an account that you can use abroad.

And it means finding the right mobile contract too so that you can make calls.

Get any visas you need too and make sure that you have all your travel documentation in order.

✔ Research the Place You’re Going

Digital nomads should always research their destinations before they set off.

It is crucial to know where the free wifi can be located apart from anything else! Plus, it can help to have a few hotels in mind…Digital nomads should always research their destinations before they set off.

It is crucial to know where the free wifi can be located apart from anything else! Plus, it can help to have a few hotels in mind…

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