5 Tips For Using Twitter To Draw Traffic

Twitter to Draw traffic when used correctly.

It is one of the biggest social networking landscapes and the biggest micro blogging platform which allows for the spread of viral traffic to happen easily.

Here’s 5 great tips for using Twitter to draw traffic to your blog or website:

Come up with a controversial idea

Polarize your twitter audience with a controversial post and get them talking about it.

This often creates hype about your business or particular idea and can bring in potential new followers.

Include links in your tweets

Tweet something useful and valuable to your audience and recommend a link for further reading.

Add a tweet this sharing tool plugin

Blogging platforms such as WordPress allow you to add plugins like these so that your readers can easily share or retweet blog posts that they read.

It usually appears at the end of every blog post.


Ask questions

Let’s say your asking for an opinion on something.

You can write your views on a blog post and ask your twitter followers on their opinion on it via twitter.

This strategy can get you lots of new readers.

Re-tweet others in the same niche

Twitter is all about the conversation.

The more conversations you join and provide valuable input, the more people will see you as an expert in your own field.

Don’t forget to use the hash tag so people can relate to you and find you easily!

In short, twitter can be a great traffic source if you get involved in the community you are in and provide lots of useful value to the people.

You should implement twitter traffic together with other traffic methods such as SEO and advertising for maximal impact.

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