3 Reasons to use freelancers exclusively for all business projects

With the rise of the freelance economy, the traditional model of hiring long-term employees has been disrupted.

While some might argue that in-house employees may have their benefits, they do not accrue in comparison to the heavy use of freelancers.

Freelancers are an underutilized resource and have significant advantages.

1 – Less bureaucracy

One of the benefits of using freelancers is that you can hire them for short-term contracts.

This means you don’t have to go through all the hassle of interviewing a potential employee.

Sites like UpWork showcase the skills of freelancers who will have a long list of reviews and receive a rating from the platform.

You can filter by the quality of a freelancer and pay exactly what you want to get the job done.

Using freelancers is a very easy and secure process, with the typical payment escrow system implemented.

You don’t need to deal with insurance, payroll, insurance or employee legal issues.

The freelancer platform takes care of everything and you are not the freelancer’s employer.

2 – Find the exact skills you need.

When you hire a permanent employee, you are hiring a person with a generic skill set.

But an online business often changes and needs different tasks to be performed.

For example, you might find a freelance writer with experience writing about search engine optimization or short-term loans.

Or a software developer who specializes in WordPress.

You simply hire them for the work they have proven themselves at.

They do the work and both parties go their separate ways once completed.

3 – Much more cost effective

For several reasons, using freelancers is more cost effective.

The money you pay will allow you to get exactly what you want.

Otherwise, mediation services are provided for disputed problems and negative feedback is a serious consequence for freelancers who do not complete the task as specified in the initial contract.

Because you are only hiring freelancers for a one-time project, you do not have to bear additional expenses.

You also don’t have to hire them for an entire year at a fixed salary, regardless of your business revenue.

Another benefit is that the freelancer can work on the project while they sleep, as they are located in different time zones around the world.

All in all, freelancers are simply a cheaper and more efficient way to complete commercial projects.

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