Рассматриваете ли вы возможность создания онлайн-курса для своей компании?

There is a very wide variety of marketing methods at your disposal, such as blogging, video marketing, email marketing, Amazon FBA, SEO, and more.

Но онлайн-курс может быть таким же прибыльным, как и любой из них, а возможно, даже более.

И их можно легко создать, если у вас уже есть электронная книга или учебный материал под рукой.

Есть много веских причин рассмотреть онлайн - курс для вашего бизнеса.

Возврат инвестиций

Online courses can offer a very impressive return on investment if done correctly.

Once you have created your course and uploaded it to a site like Udemy or other platforms, there is nothing else to do other than promote our product.

Ideally, the product will have been promoted before it is launched.

You can sell online courses over and over again and you can generate a lot of income over the next few years without many additional improvements.

However, it should be noted that creating a course is a little more difficult than it may seem at first glance.

They are growing in popularity

More and more people are turning to online courses for their education compared to other methods.

Online courses are much cheaper and often contain a wealth of information that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

While the niche of online courses is becoming saturated, there is still a lack of high quality courses that offer original content that is not available anywhere else.

If you can convey this to your target audience, then your online course will be a great success.

If you find that you are giving the same advice over and over again, then a course is a good way to optimise your efforts.

Развивайте авторитет и доверие

If you sell a course effectively, you will have a reputation built up as an expert in the field.

Even if it doesn’t sell that well, creating your own online course will be a great boost to your brand.

По мере роста вашего бизнеса вы сможете направлять своих клиентов на ваш курс.

Вы можете использовать курс как upsell или undersell с сопутствующими продуктами и услугами.

In many ways, this is like having 2 separate types of businesses.

While creating an online course for your startup can be a lot of work, it’s definitely worth it.

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